How HeartHealth Works

HeartHealth, a secure online web portal or an app on your mobile device, enables you to create your health passport of Private and NHS data across specialties (Respiratory, Cardiology, Neurology, etc.). It helps you track your wellness parameters, synchronize your gadgets, connect with your health providers, share records and get advice on your complete health profile.


HeartHealth enables you to create a “Health Passport”: your own, organized, medical profile to have in the palm of your hand wherever you are.

Upload your medical reports, scans, X-rays, allergies, immunizations, medications, insurance details and other health related information as well as data from activity trackers and health devices into one secure location.


The HeartHealth platform allows you to connect and engage your network (healthcare professionals, family and carers) to provide an integrated approach to your wellbeing.

Search, locate, engage, introduce and connect your network of health professionals (listed in NHS Choices and other provider databases), family, friends and carers with the user-friendly HeartHealth platform.


HeartHealth technology gives you a convenient platform to analyse and discuss your medical condition, symptoms and medication, and provides a secure way to share your medical records to help improve your well-being.

The web-portal allows you to effectively utilize your health records wherever you are, for face-to-face consultations, secure emails, voice, text, video, instant messaging as well as telemedicine and other remote services.


HeartHealth allows you to analyse your vital signs, track your health and wellness in real-time to reinforce a healthy lifestyle.

Complete your health profile, connect your health and activity tracking gadgets to better understand any changes in your health condition.

Take charge of your health and record the impact of any treatment change. This will make your consultations with your doctor more productive.

What HeartHealth Can Do For You

Health Passport

Emergency Record

NHS and Private Data

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