HeartHealth For Health Professionals

Promote patient self-management, improve operational efficiency and collaborate with the network to enhance the quality of healthcare.

How HeartHealth Can Benefit Health Professionals

You can offer HeartHealth’s intuitive health management portal to your patients to promote patient engagement. Using this technology enables you to empower the patient to take charge and manage their own health, making face-to-face consultations more productive.

You and your patients can securely upload health records directly through the portal or mobile app to the patient’s health account. This can be viewed on a PC, Mac or any iOS or Android tablet/smartphone.

HeartHealth can help you balance the doctor demand/capacity equation improving efficiency of workflows.

Through the platform, you are able to get a quick overview of your patient’s health track record, including key blood test parameters, medication lists, conditions and scans/xrays, in a simple user friendly format. You can also take a closer look at individual tests to compare, review and give advice based on a more complete health picture. This collaboration can help improve patient care and outcomes.

HeartHealth also enables you to deal with a patient’s health related issues remotely and securely via email, voice, text, video and instant messaging.

Why Should I Become a HeartHealth Partner?

Interactive Interface
Help manage your patient’s health condition and promote patient self-management

Integrated Patient Care
Collaborate between health professionals for a complete picture of your patient’s health condition

User-friendly Platform
Easy and intuitive way to upload and share health documents, PDFs or DICOM images via your smartphone, tablet or PC

Remote Access
Monitor your patient’s health and respond to any queries from anywhere in the world

Secure Portal
Confidential records of your communication with your patient, more secure than email or telephone


For more information call our team on 01494 424 317 or email info@hearthealth.org.uk