HeartHealth for You & Me

Simply putting you in control of you and your family’s health.

How HeartHealth Can Help You

The HeartHealth App provides you with a platform to create your complete health profile, giving you secure access to your current and historic medical data in the palm of your hand.

We can help guide you on how best to gather your medical data from the NHS and Private Hospitals and help upload all that data onto your HeartHealth account.

Through the portal you have the ability to store and share all your important medical records, letters, blood tests, scans/x-rays and medication into a single, secure location that can be accessed with ease from a smartphone, tablet or computer, and shown to any doctor or carer the instant you need to.

We have linked up with the best tools and fitness apps. Data from smartwatches, fitness and activity trackers, smart weighing scales and blood pressure monitors can be uploaded to your profile giving you a single resource from which to monitor your well-being or recovery from an illness.

We assist you to find, engage and build your network of healthcare professionals and family/friends to enhance the quality of healthcare you receive by extending the reach of care.

If you want to actively manage your health and fitness, have a medical condition that requires regular monitoring, or are concerned about a loved one’s medical condition, HeartHealth is your answer.

  • 1

    HeartHealth allows you to create your health passport by collating all your medical records from different health professionals and institutions, in one secure location online.

  • 2

    HeartHealth allows you to connect with your network of healthcare professionals, family, friends and carers to support you in your journey to recovery.

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    The HeartHealth platform provides you a convenient way to share records, discuss your symptoms, and receive more complete advice about your health and wellbeing.

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    HeartHealth allows you to measure and track your key wellness parameters such as blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, etc., evaluate any changes in your health condition, and assess the impact of any treatment plan, helping you to make informed lifestyle choices.

Heart Health

Why Do I Need a HeartHealth Account?

Your Health Passport

Create an organized and secure online medical record giving you access to your current and historic health data

Track Your Wellbeing

Link your gadgets, and add your data from your reports, to guide your lifestyle choices, and see your health improve

Better Medical Advice

With all your medical records in one location, you can encourage collaboration from your doctor(s), and receive better guidance on your health condition

User Friendly

Upload your letters, medical reports, scans/x-rays from different health providers (Private and NHS); share vital health data with your doctors, family and friends

Medication Management

An efficient way to manage current and previous medication in line with your health condition, diagnosis and treatment

Emergency Record

Create an emergency record with your crucial health information (diagnoses, medications, allergies, etc.), which is easily accessible in a crisis situation