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'Statins' may reduce mortality from Covid-19.

Posted 26/03/2021

The humble 'statin' may do more than just lower your cholesterol. Studies have shown that patients admitted to hospital with Covid infection have a better outcome if they were already taking statins.


The importance of Preventative Screening

Posted 22/02/2021

Coronavirus has brought us all face-to-face with the reality of health in the UK. The knock-on effect is that people have been deterred or put off seeking help or advice about their own health. As we hear some positive news with the rollout of vaccines, we also need to take control of our own health, and spend time considering what is the best way to do this.


How to set achievable heath goals

Posted 30/01/2021

Many of us start the year with a grand plan to reinvent ourselves, vowing to eat better, hit the gym and look after ourselves more. Making a goal is far easier than reaching it, no matter how good our intentions. So how can we create realistic targets in order to avoid giving up early?


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