About Us - Company Information

HeartHealth was founded in 2017 to help individuals to take charge of their own health by managing their health data more efficiently, and to enable them to collaborate with their support network, creating a more integrated approach to their healthcare.

The idea evolved from a growing awareness that today, although patients have access to medical tests and investigations through various avenues (the NHS, the private sector, overseas healthcare providers), accessing these fragmented medical records can often be complex and time-consuming, potentially delaying patient care.

Additionally, individuals today are more conscious about measurable health and wellness parameters (e.g. heart rate and activity monitors, blood pressure, weight, body composition, blood tests, even DNA tests, etc.) and are increasingly monitoring these themselves.

The HeartHealth Platform is a secure online web portal and mobile app. It provides a single and secure point of access, where you can:

  • Store and manage health data
  • Build your health profile
  • Track key wellness parameters
  • Connect with your doctor, specialist and other healthcare professionals
  • Share data in real-time with your trusted health network

By sharing your data in real-time, you can ensure that your health professionals can make informed decisions and deliver appropriate advice. You can take control of your own health and enhance your wellbeing.

It also allows you to actively engage with, and help manage the health, of a loved one, to ensure that results, reports and care-plans are readily available in case of emergencies, and help him/her become part of the journey to recovery (these two points could flash up on the picture above).

HeartHealth has partnered with Medelinked to ensure secure storage and encrypted transmission of your data. Our platform is compliant with the latest security standards for protecting personal health data, such as HIPAA, and undergoes regular third-party security testing.