Frequently Asked Questions

+ What web browsers work with HeartHealth?

HeartHealth supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 for Android, iOS, Windows.

+ Where are my medical records held?

We have partnered with Medelinked to ensure that all customer data is encrypted in transmission and storage on a Health Cloud infrastructure, hosted securely and robustly in data centres that are accredited to PCI DSS, ISO27001, and ISAE 3402 Type II standards, ensuring your data is secured by the best processes and technologies.

+ What information can I save on my account?

You can save all your medical records, tests, scans and any other medical data to include:

  1. General health data such as blood tests, medication lists, allergies, vaccinations, or blood groups;
  2. Specific condition related records such as MRIs/Scans for the back/neck; pregnancy scans; ECGs, ECHOs for heart related conditions; dental records; optical scans or PET scans for Cancer treatments;
  3. Wellness information including weight, exercise, blood sugars, blood pressure, cholesterol and notes from doctor consultations;
  4. Next of kin, GP contact and other healthcare professional details to travel documents, insurance details, passport details and VISA

+ What size files can I upload?

There is no limit to the size of the documents that can be uploaded including high resolution scans and images.

+ How secure is HeartHealth?

HeartHealth has partnered with Medelinked to ensure secure storage and encrypted transmission of your data. Our platform is compliant with the latest security standards for protecting personal health data, such as HIPAA and undergoes regular third party security testing. We have Managed Intrusion Detection, Managed Web Application Security and Log Management services running 24x7 across our infrastructure to ensure our system and applications are being continuously monitored for any potential threats.

+ How secure is communication through HeartHealth?

We utilise SSL (HTTPS), ensuring all data exchanged with our servers is encrypted to industry standard levels, as well as authenticating the server itself to the user.

+ If I lose my phone are my records at risk?

Your records are safe as they are securely held in secure, encrypted servers and access to them is password protected.

+ Can I collaborate and communicate with any health professional?

Yes, providing they are able to use a browser to access the free HeartHealth Partner Portal.

+ Is HeartHealth for use only by doctors?

No, HeartHealth can be used by any health professional who is involved in your care. Adding reports from your dentist, physiotherapists, pharmacists and engaging with them through our HeartHealthâ„¢ platform enables you to ensure a holistic approach to your care from your healthcare network.

+ Is HeartHealth for use only by private patients?

No, it can be used by any patient or health professional whether in a public or private sector provider system. It offers a unique interface where your private and NHS records can be collated to improve the quality of advice you receive.

Have another question?

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